Alden Library offers many different types of computer software to help you with your academic tasks.  Write your papers using Microsoft Word or Apple Pages; edit your photos with Adobe Photoshop and create audio/video projects with iMovie or Final Cut Pro, just to name a few.

Windows-based computers are located on all 7 floors of the library. 

Apple iMacs are available in the Multimedia Center on the 2nd floor and on the 1st floor in the Academic Advancement Center

 Below is a sampling of software that is available on our public computers.

Click on the name of each software program listed for help and additional resources.



    Adobe Products

Photoshop Elements→ Create Digital Images

Flash → Create interactive websites

In-Design → Create Page Layouts

Adobe Acrobat Professional → Create PDF’s

Dreamweaver → Web Development

Photoshop → Create Digital Images

Fireworks→ Manage web images

Illustrator→ Create Visual Media












  Math & Statistics

         SAS→Analyze large datasets

     SamplePower2→Find your best sample size for research 

        Pop Tools→Excel add-in for statistics

        MatLab→Mathematical Analysis Software

            SPSS→Statistical & Data Management

       S-Plus→Data modeling & statistical analysis

       Introductory Algebra→Learn Basic Algebra

   Geometer’s Sketchpad→Formatting tools for mathematical notation & styled text



AutoCAD→Coordinates-Based Drawing Tool

Google Earth→Virtual Globe & Map

Kurzweil 3000→Reading & Writing Tool for those with learning disabilities

Read & Write→Reading & Writing Tool for those with learning disabilities

Snipping Tool→Screen Capture Tool

Write-N-Cite→Assistance in writing citations