Printers are available on all floors of Alden Library. Printing a document or image in color? Color printers are conveniently located on the 2nd and 4th floors of Alden Library.

The following paper sizes and formats may be printed from Libraries printers. For ALL printing, choose an appropriate paper size when sending your print job. Printing will be duplex (double-sided) unless you specify otherwise in your application’s print dialog.

Format Price
8½ x 11 black-and-white single-sided 3¢ per sheet
8½ x 11 black-and-white duplex 5¢ per sheet
11 x 17 black-and-white 6¢ per sheet
8½ x 11 color single-sided 25¢ per sheet
8½ x 11 color duplex 50¢ per sheet
11 x 17 color 50¢ per sheet

Note: A print charge is not incurred until the job successfully prints.

Printing for Students

Printing for Faculty, Staff, Visiting Scholars and Community Members (Guests)