Printing Procedures for Students

Printing is available on all floors of Alden Library.  

  • Each computer workstation is configured to print to a default printer. 
  • Look at the tag on the upper right hand corner of the monitor to help you quickly see which “color” printer this workstation has as a default (i.e Blue,Red,Green,White,Yellow,Purple).
  • Printing a document or image in color?  Color printers are conveniently located on the 2nd and 4th floors of Alden Library.
  • For ALL printing, choose the appropriate paper size before releasing the job. 
  • To release your print job, minimize your open windows and open the My Print Job icon on the desktop. Your Ohio ID and password are required to release your print jobs
  • Need Help? Click on the following link for a short video on How to Print in the Library.
  • Print charges appear on your student bills.
  • To view your print history inclusive through midnight the previous day, go to:


 The following formats are all available via student printing:

  • 3¢ per sheet for 8½ x 11 black-and-white
  • 5¢ per sheet for 8½ x 11 black-and-white duplex (prints on both sides)
  • 6¢ per sheet for 11 x 17 black-and-white
  • 50¢ per sheet for 8½ x 11 color duplex
  • 25¢ per sheet for 8½ x 11 color
  • 50¢ per sheet for 11 x 17 color

 Note: A print charge is not incurred until the job successfully prints.


Printing for Faculty, Staff and Guests