The Multimedia Center is located on the 2nd floor of Alden Library.  The Multimedia Center offers 16 iMACS (Macintosh) workstations equipped with a full range of software and hardware available for creating in print, web, and multimedia formats.  One iMac is configured with VCR/DVD/TV combo and two iMacs have Mini DV tape decks to enable import, export and viewing of video files.  

The Multimedia Center is available at all hours when the 2nd floor is open.

Additional Mac computers are available in the Academic Advancement Center Lab located on the 1st floor of Alden Library.


Below is a sampling of software that is available in the Multimedia Center.  

 Click on the name of each software program listed for help and additional resources.

  **Final Cut Pro is available on 6 Mac computers in the Multimedia Center.  Computers have a tag indicating Final Cut Pro is installed.

    They are located near the back wall of the Multimedia Center. 



  Adobe Products






Photoshop Elements→ Create Digital Images

Flash → Create interactive websites

In-Design → Create Page Layouts

Adobe Acrobat Professional → Create PDF’s

Dreamweaver → Web Development

Photoshop → Create Digital Images

Illustrator→ Create Visual Media

Fireworks→ Manage images for web content



      Media Production                                                                       

iDVD→Create DVD’s

iPhoto→Digital Photos

Final Cut Pro→Video editing **

iMovie→Video Editing

Cinema Tools→Edit Film/Video

DVD Studio Pro→DVD Authoring

Garageband→Create & Record Music

Quicktime→View Movies/Videos