Academic AreaSubject Librarian
African American Studies Lorraine Wochna
African Studies Araba Dawson-Andoh
African/Asian Languages Araba Dawson-Andoh
Anthropology Anita Grant
Applied Health Sciences and Wellness Debra Orr
Art Gary Ginther
Art History Gary Ginther
Aviation Engineering Megan Tomeo
Biological Sciences Andrew Stuart
Business Chad Boeninger
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Megan Tomeo
Chemistry and Biochemistry Andrew Stuart
Childrens Collection Christopher Guder
Civil Engineering Megan Tomeo
Classics Timothy Smith
Communication Studies Jessica Hagman
Counseling & Higher Ed Christopher Guder
Development Studies Araba Dawson-Andoh
East Asian Studies Yan He
Economics Chad Boeninger
Educational studies Christopher Guder
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Megan Tomeo
Engineering and Technology Management Megan Tomeo
English Language and Literature Lorraine Wochna
Environmental & Plant Biology Andrew Stuart
Environmental Studies Andrew Stuart
Film Lorraine Wochna
French (Modern Languages) Timothy Smith
Geography Araba Dawson-Andoh
Geological Sciences Michael Farmer
German (Modern Language) Timothy Smith
High School Visitors Lorraine Wochna
History Jeffrey Shane
Human & Consumer Sciences Sherri Saines
Industrial & Systems Engineering Megan Tomeo
Information & Telecommunication Systems Jessica Hagman
Interdisciplinary Art Gary Ginther
Interior Architecture Gary Ginther
Italian (Modern Languages) Timothy Smith
Journalism Jessica Hagman
Latin American Studies Jeffrey Ferrier
Linguistics Sherri Saines
Mathematics Michael Farmer
Mechanical Engineering Megan Tomeo
Media Arts and Studies Jessica Hagman
Nursing Debra Orr
Osteopathic Medicine Debra Orr
Overseas Chinese Studies Yan He
Philosophy Timothy Smith
Physics and Astronomy Michael Farmer
Political Science & Law Hilary Bussell
Psychology Anita Grant
Public Administration Hilary Bussell
Recreation and Sport Pedagogy Christopher Guder
Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences Debra Orr
Russian (Modern Languages) Timothy Smith
Social Work Anita Grant
Social and Public Health Debra Orr
Sociology Anita Grant
Southeast Asian Studies Jeffrey Shane, Jeffrey Ferrier
Spanish (Modern Languages) Timothy Smith
Teacher Education Christopher Guder
Theater Lorraine Wochna
University College Sherri Saines
Visual Communication Gary Ginther
Women's & Gender Studies Sherri Saines
World Religions Timothy Smith